What is a bad thesis grade

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A low grade is not a sign that your TF hates you or thinks you are dumb. Write It Out Write several trial statements: writing is a process. Have you prejudged the issue by using loaded language?

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Try to recall what went on in your mind during the test, as well as what took place the days before it. With a smart and personalized study plan, you are sure to do better next time!

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This way, you will not repeat your errors. As Harvard students, our obsession with perfection drives us; it can also prevent us from approaching learning with humility and grace. Have you tried to argue both sides of the case? There may be a simple explanation. If you really do not understand why your grade is low, ask your teacher to explain or show you an evaluation rubric that he or she used. Countless incentives push TFs toward ever-greater grade inflation, which hurts everyone by making grades essentially meaningless. In theory, you should be able to retake the assessment and perform much better the second time. Should you try a different note-taking technique, set aside more time for sleep, or attend an extra help session? Should you have brainstormed for your essay rather than jumping right into it with no thought beforehand?

If it was a math problem you got wrong, was your answer in the right format fraction, decimal, percentage, etc. Writing a Good Thesis Statement A good thesis statement is short and simple: it should be no longer than one sentence, regardless of essay length.

If you still can't decide, list facts on both sides of the issue and decide which facts make a more persuasive argument.

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The Best Way to Write a Thesis Statement (with Examples)