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We then sieved the contents in the bowl and weighed the remaining sediment.

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Extracts from this document Introduction. The only problem with the management strategies were that when doing a bi-polar survey on the different management strategies, groynes and sea walls were given quite a low score due to their poor appearance and need for a frequent renewal, so due to this you could see the management strategies put in as not a complete success. You would record this result then you would move the ranging staff one metre along the transect and repeat the measurement. Coastal unit 7d there is a flat seawall built in after the east coast storm surge. Related Papers. We then looked at the sediment of both the managed and unmanaged sections. To help me answer this I will be using a range of secondary data and observations made on the North and South beach in terms of protection.

We are ready term paper doc to develop unique. There will be a steeper gradient of beach profile on the managed side at Walton on the Naze 2. For each chain store counted on the high street, give 5 points. The best essay writers are ready to impress your teacher.

A guide to walton on the naze gcse coursework the seaside town of walton on the naze gcse coursework Walton-on-the-Naze, what to see and do Are you still waiting walton on the naze gcse coursework to discover the wonders of Walton-on-the-Naze?

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However this is not fully accurate because we only measured the slump and not the cliff face itself. The ranging staff was held vertically at 0m pointed towards the theodolite.

This shows that the area was generally better in the centre of the docks and as you go further out the environmental quality survey Figure 1 score reduces.

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We also took an environmental quality survey of different areas around the Ipswich wet dock area. Research and Methodology To find out whether or not rebranding has been a success in Ipswich wet dock area. The Humanities Faculty is a dynamic and oklahoma city national memorial essay contest forward looking faculty, which is often at the forefront of new educational ideas and is a. We did this by digging up the sand every 5m with the spade and putting it into a bowl. I found out that the high rate of erosion was due to the process of saturation causing rotating slumps of the cliff material. We are ready term paper doc to develop unique. Noting down the different service such as food retailers, newsagents, restaurants, etc.

The measurement was very relevant because knowing this would help validate how far the cliffs were retreating over a span of years. Results and conclusion Overall from our results we could see that the management strategies at Walton on the Naze were successful.

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You can compare this to the low environmental quality survey that these areas got.

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Walton on the naze coursework