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It is apparent that most people who watch violent video games may get angry and end up murdering by doing what they learn from the violent video games Ferguson, While this argument may hold some truth, numerous research findings indicates that video games lead to an increase in the violent levels of the people who engage in the games.

Many of these games are designed for adults but wind up in the hands of children.

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However, it should be remembered that games can also be used for nonviolent and even educational purposes. Two decades ago, this would not be the typical waste of time of an eleven year old, yet now kids are seeing this kind of brutal movement as simply one more approach to take a break on a Saturday morning. In addition, people who advocate against children playing violent video games argue that such games lead to violence in real life. Although many prospective studies have been done on video game violence and the affect they have on the youth, none have been able to completely validate the claim that violent video games do influence the youth to become violent in their everyday lives. However, the facts are true that violence, through many different media sources, are causing violence and aggression in human behaviors. Nevertheless, the parents may take into account the following arguments for and against playing violent video games, when they try to come up with a right decision. This issue is growing because many of these games are featured aggressive elements that lead youngsters towards violence. Give their argument and support it with examples, facts or other evidence; Paragraph 3: Second supporting argument. I will include various crime cases involving video games. Ferguson reiterates that this is a fallacy since records indicate that violent crimes in the U. Anderson et al. But is it the games to blame for how people act or behave around people or by themselves?

Need custom written paper? Violent video games make many people to develop violence to other people, whereby they lose the feeling of helping others or showing empathy to other people. The obtained results show that the negative effects of such games are quite minimal.

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As lawyers fight, bizarre crimes are blamed on video games, constant studies take place, and technology continues to evolve, the video game world continues to thrive and be extremely profitable.

In addition, people who advocate against children playing violent video games argue that such games lead to violence in real life.

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We have also found several flaws concerning these results which further supports our position. It is a good thinking exercise and gives you an opportunity to demonstrate your analytical skills and broad worldview. But you ignore it; you have to keep going if you want to win this battle. As time goes on, we are introduced to more and more technology every year, which includes media such as video games. They say that these games create even more violence and aggression. It would be desirable to try reaching a certain balance in this matter. Give their argument and support it with examples, facts or other evidence; Paragraph 5: Second opposing argument. However, despite the negative sentiments that are associated with video games, they present a great means of telling stories to the youth. Anderson, A. When playing video games that trigger the outburst of strong emotions, children learn to recognize their own feelings. A kid that's about 16 years old still has the ability to buy a M-rated game at a store. It is apparent that many children imitate the violence they see as they play the violent video games.

It is down to the individual who plays these games to act responsible, know right from wrong, and play the games for entertainment only.

Prosecutor Steven F. Ever since the beginning of gaming, people have observed the effects of the games.

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The arrival of violent video games and the media covering recent mass killings, an emotional debate has developed about the impact of video games on aggressive, violent, and criminal behavior. Video games do harm to teens and society due to making teens accumulate frustrations,makes teens think violence is acceptable in problem solving, and makes them very unhealthy but it also does some good, such as helps teens control their emotions, makes them conscious of what is good from what is bad, and helps them get rid of stress. Violent video games in particular have been proven to not be appropriate for the age groups that play them and to have a negative effect on school, social behavior, and increase aggression. And the violent game has nothing to do with making the person violent, as these potential issues are there prior to the individual even playing the game. Violence is not just in video games, it is everywhere and all around us. Present and explain the second argument of the supporting side; Paragraph 4: First opposing argument. Violent videos have gotten more popular with a better amount of variety including the franchise of Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Grand Theft Auto. The games marketed to younger audiences are becoming less family friendly then when they were originally introduced. Not only is it damaging to the brain and body, but it also can cause insanity and dementia. Music videos that promote negative lyrics are affecting young children. Students are the main group people who played violent video games very often. Crime rates in the U. It is down to the individual who plays these games to act responsible, know right from wrong, and play the games for entertainment only. In a study done by the US secret service in comparing previous school based attacks and violent video games only show that one eighth of the attackers even showed interest in violent video games at all. From this paper, it is clear that the youth are the ones who are most susceptible to being made violent and it is therefore the obligation of parents to ensure that the exposure of their children to these harmful games is limited.

It is a thing that people enjoy doing in their spare time, like checking Facebook or watching a movie. These days, the popularity of violent video games has caused an increase in controversy.

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Therefore, the issue over violent video games and television should be regulated or restricted to children and especially to teenagers. We as humans have a tendency to blame our violent behavior on other things rather thin ourselves. A lot of violent and gory games, which in the top video games consisted of some sort of violence. While there are many experts who criticize the existing violent video game research literature, their credibility is uncertain since most of this experts working with or for the video game industries. Employment Development License NDA Collaboration Legal: Regulatory requirements is The restrictions, licenses, and laws applicable to a product or business, imposed by the government. These violent video games are a major problem in the United States and across the globe. Playing violent games is nontoxic, exciting fun, and no more harmful than watching something graphic on television. If you have any questions or suggestions, you are welcome to contact our round-the-clock customer support. It is clear that many people enjoy the violent video games because they get actively involved whereby they manage to learn faster as they watch Ferguson,
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