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Synthesis of poly lactic acid from corn starch

The fermentation 8 Mohammad S. Kolstad, J. Kricheldorf and I. Yamada, F. Thin sheets of many PLA variants possess high gloss, excellent heat sealability and clarity, allowing extruded thin sheets of PLA to replace cellophane and polyethylene terephthalate PET in transparent packaging []. Ryu, Enzyme and Microbial Technology 33 4 , [38] J. Week 13, [] N. Many processes are reported in the literature for the recovery of lactic acid [] and still offer an extensive scope for research and development. Films are one of the largest application areas for PLA. LA is one of the most important types of biopolymer produced with a capacity of over , tons per year which can be used in the biocomposites production because of its biodegradability and maintained mechanical properties without rapid hydrolysis during use. Pharmaceutics 2 , [] A. Drumright, P. Lee, I. Kusai, and M. Jamshidi, and Y.

Gruber, J. Islam towards green products has led to its development as a replacement of synthetic polymers in the production of biocomposites for structural applications. Most lactic acid bacteria require a wide range of growth factors including amino acids, vitamins, fatty acids, purines, and pyrimidines for their growth and biological activity [46, 47] and the more supplemented the medium, the higher the productivity of the lactic acid could be obtained.

Polylactic acid

Mai, B. Moon, C. Hujanen and Y. Pariza, Fd. Pillin, N. PLA with molecular weight 6. Editor, Elsevier, Amsterdam p. Kim, Y. Zhang and Y. Andersen, W. Bax and J. The use of chain coupling agent or esterification promoting adjuvents to increase the molecular weight of PLA adds cost and complexity to the process [20, ].

Jain, N. Yagihashi and T.

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Andersen, W. Harte, S.

poly lactic acid production from corn

The molecular weight of the polymer material directly influences the mechanical and sorptive properties of PLA and hence critical depending on the end use [99, ]. Wee, and H.

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Production process for polylactic acid (PLA) : Industrial plant : Hitachi