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As Jan immerses himself in this high-stakes battle, he wagers everything he has on a positive outcome, but his opposing counsel, Jerome Facher Duvallis widely regarded as one of the most brilliant, ruthless legal minds around.

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They were working people in small town America, a segment of the population not favored by the judicial system. Although director Steven Zaillian's sympathies are with the families and their struggle, and he fairly accurately delineates the drive and sacrifice of Schlichtmann, the viewer is not seriously challenged to consider the larger social and moral issues posed by the case.

Beatrice Foods attorney Jerome Facher is the unassuming, eccentric baseball fanatic whose keen legal skills will get the job done for his client. He's consumed with beating them down and knocking them out of the game for good really because of hurt pride.

He's not that skillful at the underplaying thing.

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It's the classic David vs. However, in the early s the EPA declared that there was no proof that these operations were the cause of the health problems. We'll take a look right away. Robert Duvall's nomination didn't surprise me. Grace and consumer goods conglomerate Beatrice Foods was chronicled in the page bestseller of the same title written by Jonathon Harr. Much of the suspense, aside from the Harr's concise and fluid writing style, is derived from the nature of the case itself. While she claims that her son's death, and those of other local kids were caused by nearby factories, including a tannery, dumping toxins that worked their way into the working class town's water, the firm won't take the case because they don't see any defendants with deep pockets that would make it financially worth their while. Nonetheless, it's not hard to see what drew Zaillian and the cast to this film. But Schlichtmann is an overreacher, it turns out: He pushes his tiny law firm into a hazardous lawsuit against two industrial giants, Beatrice Foods and W. Travolta's flawed hero is a cocksure go-getter who has put dozens of expensive suits in his closet and a black Porsche in the garage through the cold calculus of his specialty: "Divide dollars and cents neatly into human suffering" and of the results make a life both well-furnished and more upright than your antagonists would like to believe. A Civil Action is a film based on the true story of a group of families in a small town just north of Boston who sued major US companies in the early s for leukemia deaths and other health problems caused by the dumping of poisonous chemicals that seeped into their community's water supply. Kibin does not guarantee the accuracy, timeliness, or completeness of the essays in the library; essay content should not be construed as advice. Trust me, they did this one right. The book illustrates the detriments of such behavior in the corporate sector and issues concerning civil trials people vs. Once a brilliant consigliere, always a brilliant consigliere.

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The problem with A Civil Action, the film, is that in bringing the story to the screen much of this drama is lost. Sign in to vote. Although a filmmaker is not obligated to remain one hundred percent true to the original when transferring a story from the written page to the screen, this is one instance where more of this might have been advisable.

He manages to find the last key witness to the case, but lacks resources and courage to appeal the judgement.

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