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The western attire with the full suit, tie, shoes, hat and walking stick are all present and so is the crispness in the traditional Bengali dhoti, kurta and shawl- but that is secondary to the performance and music of the film. But I am afraid it looks like a drama, not a film.

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Aishwariya was as beautiful as ever but again fell short of being totally believable. Roy also makes careful, meaningful use of his restlessly moving camera throughout the film. Even if they do, few understand them, because what they say is mumbled, easily drowned out by your loud voice.

They were beyond imagination.

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Devdas, portrayed by Dilip Kumar, has been the most influential and the entire film exudes a Bengali sensibility of cinema like that of Satyajit Ray. Probably the biggest turning point in the book occurs when Parvati comes to see Devdas at night because she is in love and wants to marry him. I cannot wait to get this on DVD.

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There was nothing at all that was nice about the new version of Devdas. Haider, UK The best was the very first version in Telugu. A job well done by Sanjay Leela Bhansali and the team, as well as the actors.

She is dressed in simple Bengali cotton sarees draped in the typical manner of the region.

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Devdas Old Vs New: Classic Compared With COntemporary