The brand personality of nokia

The characteristics imply Nokia makes progress in a down-to-earth way and give the consumer the reliable feeling.

The brand personality of nokia

Keywords This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Compared with Jennifer Aaker's five factor scales, the "Ruggedness" dimension is not present in current research results, which is consistent with the implication of many studies e.

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The findings also suggest that African respondents have a notable higher brand personality perception of the Nokia brand than White respondents.

This will give Nokia the exposure in capturing markets in North America as well.

Advertising creatives and brand personality: A grounded theory perspective. Recommendations Continue with Product Differentiation. However, recently Nokia is trying to gain more respect within the smart-phone industry and with the new generation of phones, Nokia is taking good steps towards claiming the reputation that it had before.

Nokia should continue with direct-to-consumer advertising, including sponsorships and product placements. In , Nokia decided to change the logo. People tend to be attracted to Nokia's distinct way of operating and clear values of customer satisfaction, respect, achievement and renewal. Customers are expected to have positive associations. Thereby laying the foundation of Nokia Telecom. Resonance: The loyalty for Nokia used to be very high during early 90s until late The absence of Ruggedness supports the implication of many studies that Ruggedness is a culture-specific factor of United States in comparison with eastern country. World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, 60,

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