Strict constructionalism of thomas jefferson and james madison

With his inauguration, the transfer of power to the Republican from the Federalists intensified a political conflict between the two political parties.

Jefferson also sent Zebulon Pike to discover the source of the Mississippi River.

thomas jefferson and james madison were the leaders of the

Although, his intentions were again good in this situation, he pushed the limits of what a president could constitutionally do while in office. Jefferson was a strict constructionist of the Constitution, but no where does the Constitution give the Federal Government the power to purchase territory.

Such an action would weaken the judiciary. Jefferson also wanted to see if there was a Water Route across the U.

James madison and thomas jefferson

Furthermore, even if the bank did regulate commerce the point would be silenced because congress does not possess the power to regulate the internal commerce of a state. Prohibited American ships from leaving for foreign ports. From this position, the power to create corporations becomes an incident of sovereign power. It gave people their first picture of the Great Plains and the Rocky Mountains. Republican House impeached two Judges: 1 John Pickering, who should have been removed. When applying this ideology to the Bank Bill, Hamilton found a natural correlation to the powers of collecting taxes and the regulation of national commerce. He kept the National Bank as a necessity; but he did Repeal the Whiskey tax and other excise taxes. He received it in exchange for a promise to the Spanish that he had no intention of keeping. Hamilton's shot actually struck a tree limb over Burr's head. Constitutional power he claimed came from the power to regulate commerce, which the Republicans construed another broad construction as the ability to prohibit commerce. According to Jefferson, this clause was a statement of purpose, not a general grant of independent powers allowing Congress to pass any act it pleased. However, the potential profits were to great, so many shippers simply took their chances.

There was so little opposition that after two weeks of lackluster parleying, the bill was approved by a voice vote only. Since there were not two, Burr was acquitted.

Although Jefferson had good intentions, he clearly violated the Constitution by abusing his position as executive of the U.

Chase was high handed; in a Sedition Act trial, he had told the Sheriff to strike from the Jury Panel "any of those creatures or persons called democrats.

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Strict vs. Loose construction Essay Example