Southwest airlines recent marketing practices

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Southwest airlines marketing strategy 2018

That generates more revenue, so that Southwest can offer lower fares. References: Abenes, F, B. Dominance among regional airports and short trip segments. Indeed, Southwest Airlines continues to advertise itself as the lowest possible fare carrier thus, and consumers are quick to give in to its messages. The pricing strategy of Southwest Airlines is, of course, to charge the lowest possible fare while keeping its airline business profitable. Southwest positions itself in all its marketing communications as THE only low-fare, short-haul, high-frequency, point-to-point carrier in America that is fun to fly. We are going to explore two of those marketing strategies here. For Priya, Southwest was reliable. Much more important, however, is that airline simplifying has made it easier for a wide range of people to visit their friends and family. By not assigning seats, Southwest can turn the airplanes quicker at the gate. The airline is actually the first to sell its product through the ATVM, which is essentially used by passengers like an ATM to purchase tickets by simply choosing a destination city and swiping a credit card. The frequent flyer program of Southwest Airlines is also different from such programs used by other airlines. Is this a market development or a diversification strategy? Along with noise pollution generated by aircraft, there are also traffic problems and urban sprawl that airports bring to communities. It makes sense that it strives to share those heartfelt moments with its employees and customers.

Words:Paragraphs: 37, Pages: 8 Publication date: March 20, Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! Southwest Airlines, unlike most other carriers, does not increase its prices in response to increased demand.

Southwest airlines marketing 2019

How can it draw business customers to its Web site or get to the places where business travelers will book? Southwest Airlines has also introduced the automated ticket vending machine to sell tickets at the airport. Product Distribution Strategies : Unlike other airlines, SWA does not rely on travel agents to distribute their products. The marketing mix includes a new price point, and a series of new services that are packaged in one new offering. The company sells flights through Concur , which is a travel-booking and management system used by many corporate travel organizations that want to book across many airlines. But in the United States alone , 42, flights carry 2. By so doing, the company reduced its costs besides making it more convenient for its passengers to travel without the hassle of safekeeping of tickets. This creates savings that is shared between the customers themselves and the airline. The company offers low fares to passengers, thereby achieving a huge market share in the airline industry.

In this case, Southwest made the choice to pursue a market development strategy that emphasized pricing, promotion, and distribution rather than making significant changes in its product by refitting planes to add first-class seats or creating new flights for business travelers, e.

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southwest airlines marketing strategy

Promotion Strategies: Marketing Mix - For Southwest Airlines, promotion starts with the insightful understanding of customer benefits and how to translate those benefits into meaningful products and services. They boarded a host of different aircraft depending on demand and location.

For Tom, Southwest was affordable.

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For Susan, Southwest was friendly. Increasing fuel costs and labor costs impacting the industry.

Southwest airlines recent marketing practices

Evaluation Are these strategies successful? Clearly, by having the lowest operating costs among the major airlines, Southwest can profitably offer low fares where others cannot. Southwest re-booked me as soon as the airports opened, but since many flights were sold out, it required three legs for me to get to Boston. By keeping its marketing position unique, the company has benefited enormously Barlow. Southwest Airlines, unlike most other carriers, does not increase its prices in response to increased demand. This is the highest rate of union membership among the top ten U. Product offering emphasizes convenience at the expense of fringe benefits. Building Brand Loyalty: Airports and airplanes traditionally have a love-hate relationship with the public. It is estimated that major U. This online reservation system is very simple to use. Its ugly Boeing planes that provide pared-down utilitarian service, often likened to cattle cars, is exactly what one would expect for the price that is paid. When SWA enters their market, even hick towns like Buffalo, Hartford, Ontario and Oakland become tourist destinations and in turn, the residents of these cities become frequent travelers to mainstream tourist destinations like Las Vegas, San Diego and Florida.

The airline has about eighty percent of its employees in unions.

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