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People who come to my nursery often have to step over kids toys and around piles of dog poop. These are the folks who work with serious motivation. Even if propagating plants is a cinch, making a living from them requires a lot of hustle.

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Apples, pears, hickory nuts, hazelnuts, chestnuts, walnuts, persimmons, haskaps, and raspberries make it easy for me to wake up in the morning. There is no right way, just do what feels good to you. Bare Root vs. Click here to learn more about the Backyard Nursery Business! Most trays will need watering at least once a day, more on hot days. Containers should be thoroughly cleaned before use. I planted them in a small pot by the window. I regularly have things not work out. Plants will die. The seeds are sown evenly over the surface of the tray. Someone might come here for nut trees because that is what I am known for.

Stearns has reinvested some earnings and bought several pairs of sawhorses to make tables for the small plants. Stearns grows a variety of flowering perennials. You can start a backyard plant nursery in your spare time, with just a small investment, and if you choose, expand it to a full-time business.

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This soil is now highly fertile. The guide will show you step-by-step how to get started. Its better to sell something you are passionate about. Now, keep in mind that you do not have to sell plants from your house. Carefully lift the tray out and place it on a bench so that excess water quickly drains away. The looser and more friable the soil, the better. Word of Mouth Your reputation is everything. If your vision of your nursery is not fun and exciting and awesome, then change it until it is. Drenching with a fungicide such as Fongarid will often help.

Many of my stock plants are not on my farm. This is the same area as the above photo, but from the other end.

Starting an indoor plant business

Starting Off Start small. No one will tell you to get up in the morning. It took me about 6 years to switch from part time nursery to full time. Kenny Coogan, CPBT-KA, is a pet and garden columnist and grows mostly edibles on his one-acre homestead due to the generous knowledge provided by his green-thumbed neighbors. Generally two or three seeds are placed in each pot. Types of Business There are three business segments within the nursery business that you will need to consider: landscaping, retail and wholesale, according to James C. Even if you abandoned them, at least you would have them growing on your property where they would produce flowers and fruit.

Experiment with different growing methods. I raised my persimmon rootstocks that I was going to graft onto. Though you can find great stock plants in the wild and on other properties, it is great to have your own.

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Getting through stressful times and not losing it is not easy and it is not for everyone. Of course you have to keep track of all the side projects and I am constantly asking myself if certain varieties are worth offering. Tips For Taking Cuttings Always use sharp, disinfected cutting tools ie. Potting soil is worthy of an entire book. Nurseries are responsible for most of the great plant tragedies of the modern era. Chestnut blight and Hemlock Wooly adelgid come to the top of my mind, but there are countless other examples of nurseries introducing pests. This is my world famous, legless potting bench. Other methods are to increase ventilation around the plants, reduce watering, avoid watering later in the day and disposal of infected trays before the infection spreads. How To Sow Seeds Fill the container with propagation media until it is nearly full.
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Advice for Starting a Small Plant Nursery Business