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You are too broad going through the factors, so it's difficult to really focus on them. A good way to summarize the findings is to write a situation analysis report, which can be shared with the larger project team and relevant stakeholders.

To stay competitive and gain an advantage over competitors, businesses must sufficiently understand technological advances.

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Some studies provide information on what people think, feel and do about the health problem, what influences their behavior and the communication channels they use. Determine If Your Situation Analysis Is Useful To determine if your situation analysis is functional and provides value, it should: Be simple and practical to use Be clearly understandable to an outsider Focus on key factors impacting your business, both internally and externally Clearly identify future goals for your business Spark even further analysis If your analysis falls short of these items, it should be reworked. Review your distribution situation in terms of how you get your products to market, such as through distributors or other intermediaries. The quality of the situation analysis will affect the success of the entire SBCC effort. Economic Environment: An Analysis of trends regarding macroeconomics , such as exchange rates and inflation rate , can prove to influence businesses. Download What Is a Situation Analysis? Competitive situation. You may also see customer analysis examples.

The existing priorities of the government. To start this process, review the vision and problem statements and divide them up into concepts. A desk review is complete when no new information is discovered and the articles introduce similar arguments, methodologies, findings, authors and studies.

What are the basic components of a situational analysis?

If you can develop this document in an effective manner, the business can give focus to the current condition of its internal environment while also considering external factors that can affect the operations of the company. At other times, it may be necessary for an organization itself to identify the broad health issue that needs to be addressed in a particular geographic area. Decide if the information is valid and important in addressing the health issue. One way to fill gaps is to hold a stakeholder workshop. Through this, the business can identify ways on how they can redirect the operations for the common good of the company and its stakeholders. The vision should be written in the present tense and then tested to make sure it meets the criteria of a good vision listed above. The broad context in which the problem exists. Situation Analysis Report Example. Allow for additional time if formative research is needed to fill in any gaps that may exist in the literature. Step 3: Draft a Shared Vision A vision provides a picture of what the situation will look like when the SBCC effort is completely successful and will anchor the SBCC intervention by stating what the program hopes to influence. Estimated Time Needed Completing a situation analysis can take up to two weeks. Distribution situation. Threat of substitute product of services: more than one firm producing similar or the same product or service.

Write a list of questions that are not adequately answered in the available data and questions that arise from the data. A good vision should: Be Ambitious - go beyond what is thought likely in the near term.

The goal is to build on strengths as much as possible while reducing weaknesses.

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Team members share the pictures with each other and discuss similarities and differences. Situation Analysis Report Example. Allow for additional time if formative research is needed to fill in any gaps that may exist in the literature.

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Each category of suppliers can bring a different skill and experience to the company. To guide the team during the initial data collection and analysis, draft a provisional vision statement, which will later be shared with stakeholders to create a shared vision for the SBCC effort.

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How to Conduct a Situation Analysis