Should shakespeare be taught in schools

should shakespeare be taught in school pros and cons

Shakespeares works should be taught in school because of the historical context and the themes presented. Hoover also thinks that Shakespeare is necessary in the curriculum because of its ability to allow each of us to connect to the stories.

They take time from you learning something important in English than just a play. He addresses issues such as the relationship between rulers and their subjects. The universality of the messages in the play and there relevance make the plays important.

Inthe students in Hindu College in Calcutta staged a play in English.

Barring the bard: should shakespeare still be taught in schools

Queen Mary did not get along so well with Queen Elizabeth at this time. I wonder what Shakespeare might have thought had he heard that Macbeth was called Rudrapal or that Othello was renamed Bhimsinha and that both plays were entirely in Bengali now, with more culturally relevant changes in plot and setting. I am not sure how learning Olde English could help anyone learn the language. For a long time, educators have made many arguments in favour of Shakespeare in English classrooms. We have our own English language writers now to tell stories that relate to our culture and our history. For example in the play The Hamlet, Shakespeare addresses the issue of greed for power. Swaffords English class, the play The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet is being taught with the theme of love as a creative and destructive force. He is mostly known for his brilliant plays but some would be surprised to know that he started with poems. Shakespeare is theatre. I am here today to defend Shakespeare in schools and explain the lesson it secretly teaches every single one of us while we were enjoying the story. Maggie Trapp, Ph. Shakespeares works are so vast that many teachers or acting companies tend to focus on a certain theme. Ramanujan, Emily Dickinson and Kamala Das.

Our current education system is a reminder of our colonial history. Shakespeare, born in the Elizabethan era, is the worlds most well known author, outsold only by the Bible.

They resemble the rich, layered characters we find in Shakespeare, and these characters are so real that they have practically become types over the centuries—we know a Portia or a Henry V or a Banquo or a King Lear or a Richard III when we see them, no matter what the context.

Shakespeare is theatre. Even Shakespeare would have been surprised to find that ten-year-old Indian children, who could barely appreciate his dialogue, were so intensely caught up in his storytelling.

shakespeare in school curriculum

In modern times, students at high schools all around the world learn and recite pieces of his plays in mostly every English class. For a long time, educators have made many arguments in favour of Shakespeare in English classrooms.

The works makes one sensitive to the English language.

3 reasons why romeo and juliet should not be taught in schools

More and more television shows, including Game of Thrones , have been influenced by Shakespearean culture, and in turn, they have become their own popular culture phenomena. Let's see if we can help you! But, when I went to watch the play with odd children, some parents and faculty, I found nearly everyone from the eight-year-olds to the year-olds laughing loudly at the confusion and bawdy humour on stage. Shakespeares works are so vast that many teachers or acting companies tend to focus on a certain theme. While primary school lessons are fairly Indianised, I find that, as we climb the grades, our lessons lean heavily towards a Westernised curriculum, often ignoring just how global English is now. It certainly must have confused students more than enlightened them, which is why Shakespeare was not performed in its original form by Indians for a long time outside of school and college auditoriums. Also, in Mrs. I had correctly predicted that most of them would not understand the dialogue and yet, their eyes never left the stage. I have another argument against Shakespeare and it has to do with history. I have to admit, I was surprised and a little sceptical. Wanted power, or enjoyed watching power struggles develop? In Romeo and Juliet , understanding that twelve year old girls were married off to have kids is key to understanding how the story is a tragedy to a romance. There are many, many wonderful writers from the 16th century till now, who have explored the various themes Shakespeare explored through his plays.

Or, to put it in a useful way that all of us can understand—get out of here!

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Should Shakespeare Be Taught in Highschool