Should girls choose single sex school

I find it very curious. We found that one-hour a week of single-sex education benefits females. This staggering statistic might be in part because girls in single-sex schools learn to feel confident about their ideas, and they more readily jump into class discussions when they are not self-conscious.

Why single sex schools are bad

While one can't generalize about all boys' schools, in general, boys' schools are places that do not involve hazing or cruelty. Students were divided into single-sex and mixed classes, making sure that there was an equivalent number of high, medium and low achievers, as judged by prior academic performance, in each class. The Australian Council for Educational Research found that students in co-ed schools learn at the same speed or even faster than their segregated counterparts. There will always be exceptions but on the whole, in a mixed classroom, boys tend to dominate discussions, frequently putting themselves forward as leaders in group activities. Advocates claim co-ed schools tend to reinforce gender stereotypes, while single-sex schools can break down gender stereotypes. This relaxed environment is created, in part, because boys and girls don't need to worry about impressing the other gender. Equally, when I speak to the heads of boys-only schools, they say that they welcome having the opportunity to focus on what works best for the boys in their care. In addition, they make academic gains above those in co-ed schools.

We examined the effect on risk preferences of two types of environment — schooling single-sex or coeducational ; and randomly assigned experimental peer-groups single-sex or co-ed.

The only noticeable difference was that girls in the mixed-gender classes performed slightly better in the humanities subjects than their peers in the single-sex classes.

The Australian Council for Educational Research found that students in co-ed schools learn at the same speed or even faster than their segregated counterparts. If giving girls the opportunity to be free of gender stereotyping and associated pressure is unnatural, I for one am glad that single-sex schools are rewriting the rules.

In the first class, students completed a cognitive ability test and a sophisticated risk questionnaire. Bridging that academic chasm, they argue, deserves more attention than does the gender divide. Both academic and social skills are needed to succeed after school, and ideally a school environment should provide kids with the opportunity to develop both, regardless of whether it is single-sex or co-ed.

As a result, the classrooms in these schools are often dynamic, free, and bursting with ideas and conversation, all hallmarks of a great education.

But it has always struck me that mixed schools are much kinder places.

why we should not have single gender schools

Single-sex schools face challenging trend A comprehensive new study released earlier this month that found single-sex schools may be headed for extinction, claiming there are no tangible benefits to separating students according to gender. Perhaps not. Some argue that single-sex education increases gender stereotyping and legitimises institutional sexism.

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