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It was constant. Don't choose a question or statement that's so broad that it's overwhelming and could comprise a lifetime of research or a topic that's so narrow you'll struggle to compose 10 pages.

The final essay is due by noon on Friday of the last week of classes in the fall term, and the Friday before the last week of classes in the spring term see Important Dates ; it should include a bibliography of works consulted.

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Choose an advisor who's familiar with the field, and ideally select someone you like and whose classes you've already taken. The Senior Essay vs.

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March 22, By Kimberly Uslin Ms. Putting in long hours on a subject that bores you will be arduous—and ripe for procrastination. Hegel is one of the hardest philosophers in the Program.

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Students must complete a senior essay to graduate. We read it at the very end of junior year. Be warned that it entails inexorable deadlines and exacting effort; it can be thrilling to write a senior essay, but only if you are committed to the project. Senior Essay Program Description The Senior Essay Program offers qualified seniors the opportunity to write a substantial piece of critical writing of approximately 10, words , under the close supervision of a faculty member in the English Department. Last, consult with your advisor before finalizing your topic. And then Porgy leaves, and it just ends there. Ideally, a studentshould work with a professor whose classes the student has taken and whose area of research interests the student. However, this is also the most fun part.

Often, students spend too much time researching and then find themselves in a crunch, madly writing in the final hours. Consult Your Instructor Remember that your instructor is the final authority on the details and requirements of your paper.

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Four Weeks and a Plethora of Pages: Senior Essays