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Sunday is the happiest day of the week. As to the reason he decides to do so is difficult to say. The day is pretty good for the businessmen. He read a character with wisdom, and gravely turned it to fun. And now, do you think The Reason is just a hilarious essay on trifles? Should he have just enjoyed the auction as a bystander he would not have encountered the difficulties he found himself in.

Which may leave the reader to suggest that the narrator might find himself in another tight corner in the future should he not keep a check on his risk taking. The people get too much busy as they pack their bag and baggage for returning home.

Specially Selected, a Choice of Essays by E. He is allowing for his pride or ego to write cheques he cannot cash.

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Here is a summary and review of The Reason by E. However the narrator is wholly responsible for his actions whereas the physical misfortunes mentioned in the essay are a case of bad luck. Lucas Book, [WorldCat.

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The Reason by E.V. Lucas: Summary and Review