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Pegasus is a skating company formed by skaters for skaters. Advertising and Promotion: Several different methods will be used for the advertising effort. Therefore, the marketing is being directed toward this group.

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Carefully define the demographic profile of your target market. Beth's amazing computer skills will support Pegasus' ambitious Internet effort. What research are you using to determine market growth? Market penetration: how do you plan to gain a share in this market? What is your timeline. The extensive product testing by a wide variety of users provided Pegasus with valuable product feedback and has led to several design improvements. Then analyze competitors and customers, as follows. Give the product a name and briefly describe it.? This sets the stage for an effective strategy planning discussion. Venice was strategically chosen to provide Pegasus with credible product feedback since Venice is considered by many as the inline skating capital of the world. Goals are broad, inspirational statements. As well as a rich source of product information, the site will also be used for purchasing. Four Levels of Competition 1. Strategies The single objective is to position Pegasus as the premier skating accessory manufacturer, serving both the domestic market as well as international market.

Personal Selling Activities person to person activities that support marketing strategy c. Unit 2 Brand Extension Marketing Plan Assignment Rubric Criteria Possible Points Situation analysis one-paragraph summary of the current situation 5 Market summary target customers; projections for growth 5 Market Demographics demographics, geographics, psychographics 10 Market needs what benefits are important and what are your customer needs?

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Of this number, 26 million have been sold to recreational and fitness skaters, the primary segment that Pegasus will target. Remember that a fully-executed marketing plan contains a significant amount of detail! Both should be achievable, use resources wisely, but also stretch the organization and its people to a higher level.

What will they do with your product or service? What are the growth trends?

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Unit 2: Identifying and Assessing Marketing Opportunities 2. Pegasus has developed three innovative and practical skate accessories. What are the growth trends? To offer skaters support through our web page, such as interviews with Doctor Kaye, Podiatrist, with answers to skater-specific foot problems. Submit your response to the above questions into the Unit 3 Assignment Dropbox. SkateAids, on the other hand, are great for everyone. What is Your Will and Intensity to Succeed? To encourage SkateSailing as a new international sport.

Pegasus' second product is SkateSail, an innovative product that has created a new niche sport that combines inline skating and windsurfing. There are different indirect competitors who are manufacturers of the actual skates.

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