Oxfam stakeholders essay

I think this shows further evidence that the customers of Apple are the most influential stakeholders.

Oxfam internal and external stakeholders

PDVA is committed to reducing the incidence of sexual assault and domestic violence through education and strives to challenge societal norms and beliefs that condone the perpetuate violence in the community. Local project partners — Oxfam works with more than 1, partner organisations on their projects worldwide. They are interested in fair pay, they want to be given adequate pay. The board of directors are appointed by the shareholders and are supposed to be in control of the business. The reason being if Apple have an issue with their current suppliers they could change and find a new supplier who makes the the same products. Apple have a very large customer base in their stores their retail stores alone serves more than 1 million customers daily with across different locations across 13 countries. Internal stakeholders are groups within the business e. Although Owners have a big say in how the aims of the business are decided, other groups also have an influence over decision making.

A conflict may occur whereby a manager of OXFAM in any department would feel their views is not being considered or instructions are not being carried out effectively by the other members of staff and may decide not to bring in new ideas in which could be cost effective and would help the organisation achieve aims ad objectives.

They seek security of employment ,promotion, opportunities and good rates of reward.

shareholders influence on tesco

Without the public supplying Oxfam shops with goods to sell, the shops would fail and would not be able to raise money to support the charities work for third world countries. They want to see prosperous business that take a full responsibility in looking after the welfare of society.

Oxfam stakeholders essay

For example Customers, employees, communities and business partners are among key stakeholder groups that carry weight in company decisions and activities. Throughout, Oxfam aim to build local skills and experience those communities can be in control of their own lives. Managers expect to be able to make their own decisions and have the opportunity for promotions. I think this shows further evidence that the customers of Apple are the most influential stakeholders. Government Agencies: They are responsible for setting out rules and regulations that businesses need to abide by. Suppliers — Oxfam suppliers deliver the wide range of goods and services they need to support their emergency, development and campaigning work.

This also shows how important the customers Need essay sample on "Apple Stakeholders and Oxfam Stakeholders Influence"? Allied forces created a naval blockade around Greece to prevent further German expansion; however, the blockade created severe shortages of food and medicine among Geek civilian communities.

how do stakeholders influence a charity

I think the government have to be considered important and influential stakeholders because they hold a lot of power and can change things very quickly which may affect the way Apple or any business operates.

They influence Tesco if they increase VAT. Both social networking and mass collaboration bring new power and influence to individuals across borders and transform the nature of their relationships with global organizations.

They interested in the growth of OXFAM, they would want the business to go global so as to help and support those affected by famine from other parts of the world.

In a scenario where an organisation does not obtain the licence needed to operate, if caught by government agencies, they would have face sanctions and probably pay fines.

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Hire Writer This view being that they both confer towards Oxfam in ethical and moral ways. My personal opinion is that they use Oxfam as a catalyst for their own good, and to cover this they give small donations irregularly.

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Apple and Oxfam Stakeholders Influence Essay