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Then I'd like to introduce our case study next. I said just come into class and whatever the field is that you're in speak maybe 10 minutes on the five things I wish somebody had told me about whatever you're talking about before I got started. To download the course, visit the entrepreneurship course page. Reality over expectations. Then we'll do questions and answers. My name is Joe Hadzima. Senior lecturer at Sloan. The MimioCapture system, bringing your white board notes into the 21st century. But I think I'm never going to be able to do that. And if you can catch those waves, that becomes a good thing to do. And in fact, today they have a whole bunch of other products. We have consumer devices, foreign language learning, financial technology, social enterprise related to health care, educational technology, medical devices. If you over-deliver on what you promise, you'll have people happy-- your investors will be happy, your customers. So we have undergraduates, grad students, post-docs, visiting faculty, and staff. So I called up people and said, do you know somebody who can do this talk?

But through all of that, ups and downs, it all boils down to really two basic thoughts, and we're going to touch on it over and over again in the course. We have nuclear energy-- for those of you into that-- specialty biotech chemicals, a sleep product, oncology drug delivery, biotechnology, 3D printing, eyeglasses in West Africa, independent film industry, lab testing process and equipment, big data, data privacy, B2B information technology, energy technology, aerospace, crowd-funding, and e-commerce.

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And don't think of a business plan as a fixed document in this course. They did pass before, but they're back for more. So who is in the class?

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So I thought about it for a while and I thought, well, I should be angry, but I think I have a customer. It can even convert handwriting into editable text. So I said, well, I'll think about doing a course and let me get back to you. Yeah, the snow has got to you. Think of it as we're going to talk about how to plan and execute a new venture. OK, let's see. Reality over expectations. So that is an overview of what Virtual Ink eventually became. They did pass before, but they're back for more. The MimioCapture system works with you MimioTeach interactive system and comes complete with a magnetic charging tray, four rechargeable marker holders, and a digital eraser. And the IAP courses were in a fixed, printed catalog that you would get. We had signed up. H is happiness.

And you'll save time by using the digital files in other classes. He's thinking maybe that wasn't such a good idea.

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Is a computer peripheral company. And then they came to me and said, we put it in the catalog and we dare you not to show up. So there are some things that happen at points in time that defy direct logic. Then we'll do questions and answers. In the 25 years we've seen all sorts of things. And we're trying to maximize H. And the founding of the course has an entrepreneurial lesson in it.

And later Joost basically figured out how we could get credit for it.

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