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They should also add education to the program so that the patients and families are better informed about the results of care decisions such as ventilation, hydration, and nutrition. Nurses are responsible for many different duties in their everyday life not just patient care but providing support and advice to patients and their loved one.

These programs listen to even the simple requests of patients and families. This paper will discuss one experience from my role transition that presented an end of life issue that interested me. This obviously helped with lowering the rate of infection in people and the death rate of people dying prone to infection.

New procedures have allowed life to be extended longer than ever before. Let us first look at adults and grieving.

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During the Crimean War inFlorence Nightingale, the mother of modern nursing, began to clean hospital tools which made things better for the lives of the people that she was helping. Tim Simmons diagnosed with ALS 2 years ago, after which he retired to pursue his activities of interest.

There was a Chief Nursing Officer as well as Nursing Administrators responsible for the care of patients.

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