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That study found that autonomy has more purchasing power than money when it comes to happiness. Rodriguez is a relative newcomer to the industry compared to Louis-Dreyfus, so one cannot expect her to command the same fee, but her awards credentials should count for something.

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Cummings' letters come after Trump administration officials have repeatedly denied or ignored requests by Democratic lawmakers to provide the committee with documents for various investigations.

The latest estimate, published in a recent study, might leave many Americans, well, unhappy. C, the later of which they are not reimbursed for.

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Life satisfaction is different. House Democrats on Monday moved to postpone the pay raise after several vulnerable members urged leaders to backtrack.

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Right-wing media figures ranging from Sean Hannity to Daily Caller reporters accused Ocasio-Cortez of being a silly, privileged socialist in a "luxury apartment" over a House Democrat proposal to increase congressional pay for the first time since Keeping members' pay up-to-par with inflation would help to combat corruption and retain better legislative staffers, due to the current inability to offer staffers higher pay than lawmakers, Democrats in favor of a raise argued.

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