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China has nearly 2, hsien,villages and one to two million hamlets, for which in I there were only rural normal schools, with 50, students.

How much help can hsien health centers and rural health stations and clinics give to a rural population of million? Through a series of economic, social, and political reforms, the country launched head first toward modernization and secured its place amongst the most influential world powers. Even in Kiangsi it was little more than that. While Han migration has led to a boom in the agriculture and cotton industries, these industries have drained water resources, leading to increased desertification and the death of oases that once formed the basis of Uyghur civilization. It is true that not until a physical and economic foundation has been laid can social and cultural work be developed on any considerable scale. This is on the basis that, Chinese have rich background of artistic creation, culminating to their outstanding performance in the global economy. The US is a democracy with a multi-party system competing for offices in government. And, of course, the conditions for peasants and landless workers were abysmal; here is J. How much can a million members of co-operatives help, when the farm population exceeds million and the number of farm households exceeds 6o million? Chinese government officials outlawed opium, executed drug dealers in China, and asked Britain to stop with the trade. Pre-Modern China had the dominative power of dozens of dynasties This has been the main factor that has driven the Uyghur people to take collective action through separatism, for lack of a better option. History Of Modern China And Chinese Youth Essay - When upon hearing the title for Historian as a Detective as for my history class, I knew that this was not going to be one of your ordinary history class. Empress Dowager Cixi was a reluctant reformist and made sure China remained a monarchy till her last breath in which created anti-Qing feeling.

Policy Studies, 11I. Many cultures do not have a monolithic, nor static nature; ideas such as Maoism, Daoism, Christianity, etc.

The combination of socio-economic problems created by modernization in conjunction to repression by the state has therefore lent strength to separatist groups within Xinjiang, who base their claims on ethnic and religious differences. They came in a great many forms and in response to a variety of circumstances. In , he managed to sign the agreement after arduous negotiations with Great Britain, leading to the return of Hong Kong to Chinese sovereignty in These ties create natural divisions with other people who do not share the same background. Second, China continues to view the United States as its main potential enemy because of U. The period of through to , between the end of the Third War with the West and the outbreak of the First Sino-Japanese War, were critical years in China which dictated the result of the country. At first, both of the Asian nations rejected the ideas which the West had brought upon them, and therefore went through a time period of self-imposed isolation. This leads to the Chinese cities losing their own styles, and being built in the static architecture modes which are introduced from developed countries. During the period of Chinese Dynastic Rule, Confucianism was the dominating ideology of the people. In Fundamental Laws of the Chinese Soviet Republic' the First All-China Soviet Congress in set forth in detail the "maximum program" of the Communist Party of China-and reference to it shows clearly that the ultimate aim of Chinese Communists is a true and complete socialist state of the Marx-Leninist conception. Essay about The Modernization of China - In Deng Xiaoping became the leader of China and began an ambitious program of economic reform. Gurr, T. The equality that was encouraged during the communist regime blocked the development of an elitist culture within China. AN Benjamin Dornel to all ethnic groups other than the Turks and for the annihilation of pagans, asserting that China had been the enemy of the East Turkistan nation for years. The people have lost faith in their government and they want to start a new one.

Lastly, China has often actively suppressed the Uyghurs through the use of force, provoking deep resentment and fear of future retaliation. As Geertz puts it, these ties or ethnic 4 Gurr, T.

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China essays should outline the underlying factors that contributed China essays should outline the underlying factors that contributed Less Read the publication Article was written by an intern at www.

Within the rural reconstruction movement, which is itself the product of diverse social forces, three main objectives can be observed.

The Journal of Northeast Asian History, 10, p. Japan was imperialized early on, and it acclimated to the new machinery and made them their own. Those in the modern revolutionary era, i. By Maythe number had risen to nations. To achieve these two ends, China is willing to ignore conflicts that do not substantially affect its development or security.

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By the late s, homes of farmers on the southern shore of Hangzhou Bay looked inside and out like those in many U. First, a U.

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Modernizing China