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Business Resources. General Employment. We enjoyed the years of being closer to family in Springfield and Arkansas, but found that vocational opportunities took us West once Where applicable, provide: Historical financial performance as shown by at least the last three sets of audited annual financial statements and up to date management accounts comprising income statements monthly and year-to-datebalance sheets, and debtors and creditors age analysis; Costing methodology employed, or to be employed, and detailed costings giving a full analysis of cost of sales; Pricing policies giving a full analysis of theoretical and actual mark-up and gross profit percentages; Rebates, discount structures and terms offered to and received from customers and suppliers respectively; Break-even and sensitivity analysis; Details of overdraft and factoring facilities bank, limit, security and interest rate and medium and long term loans; Ensure that your financial projections agree with any other statements in the business plan for example, costs involved in your proposed marketing strategy.

Utilizing sports to help create a vision, opportunity, and growth for youth in the Elaborate on the business's past achievements and strengths, past problems and weaknesses, and critical success factors.

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Northeast Georgia Health System is a not-for-profit community health system dedicated to improving the health and quality of life of the people of Northeast Georgia. The management structure of the business Show company ownership structure, business units and subsidiaries where applicable; Attach an organisation chart showing the functions and responsibilities of directors, key management and staff; Formulate remuneration, incentives, share options, and conditions of employment of key management and directors; Analyse of any deficiencies in management and how these positions are to be filled; Comment on current and future employment levels, labour relations and union membership; Include details of systems to be implemented: information technology, accounting, administration, management information and stock control systems; Include details of auditors, attorneys, bankers and professional advisers.

Market analysis Describe the existing market and its potential for growth; Include a detailed analysis of the size and maturity of the market, trends and seasonality exhibited by the market, and the business's current and expected market share together with an analysis of the time, resources and actions required to achieve this desired market share; List existing and potential customers, supported by letters of intent, orders on hand, contracts, where applicable; Include a detailed analysis of competitors, the price and quality of their products, service and delivery, and their expected reaction to your activities; Highlight and discuss your competitive advantage.

The mission, and the company's long and short term objectives in terms of business growth and development, as well possible exit strategies for example: buy out investors, sell to larger company, go public, etc.

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