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One limitation arose due to the used Likert scale because the interview partners could have tried to portray themselves or their organization in a light that they believe the examiner or society to consider more favorable than their true beliefs.

A meta-analysis of existing studies by Schwenk and Shrader has indicated a positive linkage between strategy and growth. In order to achieve this, the following specific objectives were pursued: a. Nowadays, all these tasks have been taken over by our smartphones.

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This thesis is about the challenges companies face with growing digitalization in every country and industry. The second development, market convergence, can be observed when previously distinct industries increasingly serve the same needs of customer.

Master thesis business strategy

Within this category, strategy seeks to describe how firms can formulate their strategies Mintzberg, , Hart , and Fletcher and Harris, , and the actions taken to support the strategy Huff and Reger, This can be explained through the uncertainty: In which technology should we invest? In the third step the characteristics were used to develop 18 hypotheses about the digital implementation capabilities of internal and external IT organizations. According to the author, a strategy serves as the basis of determining the long-term goals of the organization. The early sections dwell on leadership and the various forms in which it is exhibited. In interviews with eight professionals eleven out of 18 hypothesis could be supported. The transformational leader needs resources in areas that require change in the organization. Nonetheless this thesis focused on corporate incubators and had only one interview partner working in one. Moreover, there is lack of training and development programmes for the leaders of the SMEs when they assume their leadership status, because developing the skills and talents of both employees and managers is seen by many as a cost rather than investment. The first is inspirational motivation Charisma. In order to harmonize his ongoing motivation, the employee needs praise and to be listened to. The best leadership style for such employee is delegating style. First, managers need to find out if their company is affected by convergence. Q The standardization of IT infrastructures and business processes negatively affects the strategy implementation.

The transformational leader must help group members search for self-fulfillment. While some hypothesis need further responses with for example an online survey, others could be analyzed more deeply by conducting a case study.

Ansoff also defines strategy as a product market growth matrix, which integrates firm's activities with new markets and products.

Marketing strategy pdf

More specifically a case study about a banking institute could reveal how they try overcome challenges due to strong regulations and complex legacy systems. Cherry further states that due to the greater participation of members under this leadership style, better ideas and more creative solutions to problems arise which can lead to greater productivity. The use of generic strategies helps firms to recognize that organizations are likely to compete differently with their rival firms by implementing different strategies to achieve competitive advantage. Change cannot happen when these resources are not available Kim and Mauborgne, This study is therefore significant in the sense that it properly addresses the issue of leadership and strategy in the context of Ghanaian SMEs operating in the manufacturing sector. In order to harmonize his ongoing motivation, the employee needs praise and to be listened to. As mentioned earlier the digitalization changes every industry but is in different stages and has different impacts. By motivating people to do more than originally expected, transformational leadership style has a positive impact on follower's development and performance.
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