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In case of absence for more than six weeks, the department may revoke the work space and assign it to another student. The change must be recommended by your supervisor.

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Otherwise attach all necessary documentation, such as a doctors notice, or submit it as soon as possible. The content of the available modules is presented at an information meeting in the beginning of the autumn semester.

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Read up on the project proposals link belowdiscuss with other students and use the departments web page to get an overview of the different research groups.

Often there will additionally be co-supervisors who can be PhD-candidates, post docs or researchers affilitated with the project.

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July each year. Students who arrive later in the semester should contact the student adviser directly. These regulations does not apply for extensions due to health issues. In the beginning of August an online application form will be sent out to all students. August and deadline Special Syllabus Special syllabus is an individual theoretical syllabus with relevance to the master's thesis. However, the MBP ensures that each of the 12 areas of research listed on our website continue to be adequately represented by research projects. Students will be provided an industrial perspective and an understanding of product development at the same time as they are trained in the biotechnology techniques required for such development. Students in their final year is given priority. A final thesis, which consists of a manuscript ready for submission to a journal, but prepared in a thesis format, is required before scheduling the thesis defense. One has to apply anew for the following academic year. The oral thesis defense will consist of a 50 minute presentation of thesis work, a 10 minute free period for questions, and a one hour closed-door examination. Graduates are prepared for careers as: Medical Researchers. The application for special syllabus should be sent to the study adviser no later than 4 weeks before submitting the master's thesis.

In case of absence another student may use the work space, provided they leave the space in the same condition as the holder left it in.

Approval of the final thesis will require consent from the majority of the Thesis Advisory Committee. Students who arrive later in the semester should contact the student adviser directly.

Work spaces are assigned by the department after application for one academic year at a time, and access is automatically terminated on Users of the reading rooms must show consideration for fellow students, and reading rooms must be kept quiet and orderly.

In principle these regulations apply equally for everyone, but in consultation with the counselling service for students with disabilities, we can grant exemptions from certain provisions when necessary.

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