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Baby views men as controllers and in charge.

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And what are the struggles? When the novel begins, Baby is almost 12, and her 12th year turns out to be a very big one indeed. But then again, who can blame her? This causes her to follow the wrong paths and trust the wrong people. However, his rule also did little to stop the growing ethnic tensions and conflicts throughout the country. Because I find this theme to be an interesting one, I have decided to base my final essay on it — touching on how instead of becoming wiser and overcoming obstacles, the characters are pulled down and continue to make bad choices. During this time, children are groomed and prepared for the transition between childhood and adulthood to be smooth. Massacres from both sides only raised tensions and by , the country was on the verge of erupting into a complete civil war.

Both Baby and Jules become heroin users near the end of the book. A deeply moving and troubling novel. If you were curious about any sources I have used throughout my post, please feel free to click the links below.

Lullabies for little criminals quotations

Like I mentioned before, her father teaches her nothing and is rarely there for her. The mother-figures in the book are presented as strong independent women with nurturing qualities.

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Throughout the novel, Baby always mentioned that her community was filled with prostitutes, as she was living in the red-light district. She accepted sexual harassments, assaults, and abuses by men twice her age or older, which made her susceptible into being treated like a sexual object, without any respect for being a child.

During this stage of life, children are groomed and prepared for the transition between childhood and adulthood to be as smooth as possible.

We need to be and show that we are confident with ourselves as women! She knows that other kids have lives very different from hers but says, "It never occurs to you when you are very young to need something other than what your parents have to offer to you.

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This is not someone an early teen should look up to. Unfortunately, this is a struggle that remains relevant to modern-day society. Because she knows Alphonse cares for her, and because she knows that he will always be there for her, Baby, still seeking for parents, listens to everything he says. Baby feels strongly about her one of her foster mothers, Isabella. The serious act of murder however, is the only crime which could not be corrected by simple measures. The father, Jules, is not only absent physically, allowing Baby to float from one foster home to the next, but because of his drug addiction, even when he is present, he is absent. Because of this, it may be extremely difficult for a woman to seek help, and I cannot imagine how hurt and empty a woman must feel after being used and treated as a sex object, rather than a human being. And eventually does everything he tells her to do. Baby and her equally neglected and abused friends long for adulthood, whatever that means. Jules finally becomes the parent Baby has been seeking and makes the right choice. After Alphonse had realized Baby was interested in him — as she wore his socks — he made his next move. In most novels, the conflict is addressed early on in the story and action is taken by the protagonists to try to oppose or resolve the conundrum. Lullabies for Little Criminals: A Novel. Every good pimp is a mother.
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