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Refreshments are served at all Philosophy Club meetings! Effective thinking involves close attention to detail, an ability to stand back from situations, weighing of pros and cons the positive and negative attributes involved in every situation , and ultimately a willingness to make decisions on the basis of information that has been collected and to take responsibility for those decisions once they have been made. What are criteria for right and wrong? Simply forgetting to cite a source still counts as plagiarism. Topics to be discuss include validity, entailment, truth-tables, proofs, translations from English into symbolic form, as well as more philosophical topics like the relation of modern logic to earlier syllogistic logic, the posibility of the use of logic to resolve philosophical problems e. The Philosophy Community at LaGuardia Philosophy Club If the Philosophy bug has bitten you, you might find yourself yearning to spend hours talking about Philosophy—which may not be welcomed by your friends. Lectures You should learn to take notes during class. It is only logical that such a place would have adopted some philosophical modes, and yet it also makes sense that philosophy would find here a style that challenges traditional formulations and problems. It is your responsibility to talk to the instructor after class or during office hours about the reasons for your lateness. Students will work through several texts and selected readings from primary sources for each philosophy in order to gain an understanding of the doctrines, values, metaphysics and epistemology of various Eastern philosophies.

Students view a specially selected movie with philosophical questions and themes, and then discuss these themes in a free-wheeling and provocative philosophical discussion. Refreshments are served at all Philosophy Club meetings!


Students have the opportunity to critically evaluate philosophical arguments in the areas of justice, liberty and responsibility. Latin America is an invented region, regulated and formulated by external forces. Topics to be addressed include, among others, excuse and justification in criminal law, capital punishment, theories of torts and contracts, international law, civil disobedience, censorship and the right to privacy.

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With necessary funding, the initiative will be piloted over a three-year period fromin order to research, implement, and validate the program for future roll-out on a broader scale throughout CUNY and beyond. Links to Additional Course Information. Among the questions posed and discussed are: Is morality simply relative to specific cultures?

This course will explore environmental questions such as our personal responsibility for solving environmental problems; health concerns, and our obligations to ourselves and to other species.

Using examples drawn from the visual arts, performing arts,?

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