In-class narrative writing assignments

A misunderstanding between yourself and someone else. A move from one place to another. Step 5: Story Mapping At this point, students will need to decide what they are going to write about.

Activities for teaching narrative writing

Share your assignment rubric so they understand the criteria that will be used to evaluate them; it should be ready and transparent right from the beginning of the unit. Then, the plot progresses chronologically. This online game works well with younger students developing narrative skills. They are whom the story is about. As a variation, have students work on the narrative assignment in groups, combining their ideas before completing a second story independently. A time that the power went out. Then, using a simple story—like this Coca Cola commercial —fill out the story arc with the components from that story. Now, point out two or three playing students. For younger students, Scholastic offers a collection of free online writing games. Students can also print their creations and develop their work into larger pieces of fiction. Click the image above to view the full list of narrative texts recommended by Cult of Pedagogy followers on Twitter. Step 3: Introduce the Assignment Up to this point, students have been immersed in storytelling. Have them look at your rubric and find places in the model that illustrate the qualities listed in the rubric. Narrative writing is, well, writing narrative. Prewriting and organization: Students may need help organizing their ideas.

Jot these down for students in a loose narrative story example. Their dialogue is bland. Or at least I did.

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During that time, they should focus some of their attention on applying the skill they learned in the mini-lesson to their drafts, so they will improve a little bit every day.

Students are natural storytellers; learning how to do it well on paper is simply a matter of studying good models, then imitating what those writers do. The end of a friendship or relationship.

What you want is a working draft, a starting point, something to build on for later, rather than a blank page or screen to stare at. Anecdotal Bingo In this game, students try to get bingo by brainstorming a variety of experiences that could later be drafted into longer narrative pieces.

Students take turns rolling the dice to get their assigned story inspirations.

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Interactive Games for Narrative Writing