How to write an essay for third graders

Give an example.

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What is your favorite quote by a famous person? What is your favorite time of day and why? Writing is in response to a prompt, "Think about a person who is special; this could be a family member, a friend, or anyone else who is important to you. Shows a beginning sense of grouping sentences together to make a paragraph — uses a main idea 'Me and Dad hunt for bares and dares' and a few details. How did you find out? They may add additional circles or "webs" to describe their supporting details and conclusion. Oh and lastly, I encourage you to have your kids journal or write creatively for a minimum of three times per week so they may exponentially grow their writing skills. How do you get around? My favorite stuffed animal or toy is… Imagine if cows gave green pop instead of milk! A graphic organizer such as a paragraph hamburger may help him plan how to add more meat to the middle of his story and add an ending sentence to end the paragraph and restate the main idea.

Essays should include introduction and conclusion paragraphs that are separate from the body paragraphs. What is your dream vacation?

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What is your favorite song and why? Essays should include introduction and conclusion paragraphs that are separate from the body paragraphs. Imagine that you can become invisible whenever you wanted to? If you could visit any planet, which would you go to? What would you do if you were in the middle of the lake and your boat springs a leak? Write a story from the perspective of a rabbit going down a hole. What does the rabbit experience, see and feel? I hope so! What would happen if animals could talk? Explain that the purpose of the introduction is to give the thesis but also get the reader's attention through something like a quote or statistic. How did you find out? One line of a brainstorming sheet might look like this: "mountains: peaceful, relaxing, quiet. The conclusion should summarize the ideas and emphasize the point.

Give lots of details explaining why. Lead a discussion about the elements that make up an expressive essay.

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Have students take turns using different colored dry erase markers to fill in the title, main idea, opening sentence, detailsand summary sentence. What dangers would you face if you were a chipmunk?

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Practice introductions and conclusions by putting several thesis statements on the board and having students come up with samples of good beginnings and endings.

What is your favorite room in your home and why? What would you eat if you were on a deserted island? Use the suggestions from peer review to restructure sentences and add or delete details.

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Outlining Essays (Grades )