Greensleeve analysis

Now the piece seems to be the lower instruments versus the higher instruments.

greensleeves original

For all of these claims there is not a jot of evidence and yet still the stories are circulating widely. And we want people to watch it. Repeat the process for the second phrase. The harp in bar 1 plays an f melodic minor arpeggio, establishing the tonality.

The Titanic Version 2. The second Flute has more quavers, which gives the feeling of a constant tempo, as the melody in the first Flute has quavers.

Greensleeves top recordings

I agree with his comments about the chording at the beginning of the second section. Strict and punitive as the Sumptuary Laws were in statute, they were widely ignored in practice. Anything claimed without evidence can be dismissed without evidence In the mid s, when the price of microwave ovens had fallen to the point that they were a viable buy for the domestic kitchen and had become the latest de rigueur technology, there was a spate of oft-repeated stories about pet owners drying their dog or cat by placing it inside a microwave, with the inevitable result of the poor pet being cooked from the inside, often garnished with the detail of an exploded pooch or moggy. These laws of social status also applied to food, drink, furniture, and jewellery, and having been given such items as gifts was no defence for breaking the law. The second cellos and violas have paired up, the violins 1 and 2, violin 2s and violas, violins and cellos. The strings are playing pizzicato plucking and seem to have joined together into various small groups. The Cello and Double Bass both pizz on the first beat of each bar, and these notes are pp.

Dorian Mode Now, the Dorian version follows the same basic pattern as the Aeolian version - the tune starts in the older Dorian mode and switches to the more recent melodic minor for the ends of phrases. The small group of instruments he uses creates a calmer and simpler sound.

Tudor women never revealed their bare arms or legs in public though oddly an amply visible bosom was perfectly acceptable for unmarried womenso who would know? I suggest we can detect something of this gender power dynamic in the words to Greensleeves.

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Feral Flute: Greensleeves