Functions of hobart meat slicer

Seriously, this is a great buy.

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If you've used this product, simply log in and share your text, video, and photo reviews of it. We apologize for all of the trouble, but if you are looking for a 12" Berkel slicer, our item number is A.

Very easy to use and it performs great.

Hobart meat slicer 1712e

Louis C. Joyce B. Zackery B. The EDGE is a work horse that was designed to be used as a back-up, but is now a daily use. We are a light duty cafe. I will reccomend Greg D. Dave L. If you have someone that's liberal with a water hose, as in washing down a meat prep table, this motor will get wet. We tend to "shave" our meats, which it does a very good job at. Chris C.

You then rotate the lever to automatic. Joyce B. We get large orders of sliced meats and this slicer gets the job done no problem.

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The numbers on the knob are not approximate and are used only as guidelines. Its the exact same model and the quality is very good. Kyriakos F. Before plugging up the slicer, make sure the lever is positioned in manual. There are ten compartments that make up the meat slicer. The staff has no complaints about it. Next, you make sure the meat grip is out of the way and place the product that you plan on slicing on to the carriage tray. On previous models the springs are secured and padded. These products are worth every cent you will spend! The customers on the left did it, and you can too! Even the safety features aren't annoying Think mixer shields. Think about that before you spend the money.

If you do not need the meat grip slide it to the top of its travel and rotate it under the carriage tray so it will not interfere with the slicing process. Cannot recommend this model.

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They are the top knife cover, fence, carriage tray, retaining clip, meat grip, carriage tray handles, index knob, switch knob, gauge plate, and the latch knob.

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Hobart EDGE13A 13" Heavy Duty Automatic Gravity Feed Meat Slicer