Ethical issues faced by coca cola

The University of Michigan placed the Coca-Cola Company on probation inand asked for an independent assessment of its operations in India.

coca cola ethical issues 2019

So Coca-Cola is behaving unethically. A reporting procedure also got established and a non retaliation policy became formulated to protect complainants and witnesses.

coca cola supply issues

The deonto means duty they focus on the process rather than consequences. This resolution received support from the workers union in Colombia and many other countries but the coca-cola company of directors rejected the proposal.

Coca-Cola is a much-admired company amongst its customers but they are still not perfect. The company should earn and maintain the trust of the members so that all stakeholders can ensure that their deeds are for the best interest of the company Trevino and Nelson, One of them is from University of Michigan.

Coca cola ethics and morality

Also the use of caffeine in its concentration can cause addiction which leads to unhealthy population. Shut down this facility At the very least, Coca-Cola could have stopped extraction of water after knowing the results of the assessment. Community issue: These allegations affected Coca-Cola largely with its sales and also caused the closure of one of their bottling plants in Kerala, India. There is the type of lying that gets portrayed as a joke without meaning any kind of malice. The issue involves the way one goes about in acquiring the corporate intelligence, whether it is ethical and legal. Bribery raises ethical issues involving the act of giving out something, in most cases money, in order to gain an upper hand in a certain situation. Who is to be blamed?

Last but not the least in India a controversy aroused that there are pesticides and other harmful chemicals present in Coca Cola.

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