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Transformational leaders use idealized influence, inspiration and motivation, intellectual stimulation and individualized consideration to achieve superior results Avolio et al. Ruvio, A. The study revealed that definite belief building behaviors which helps the leaders to enjoy enunciation of a mutual mission, expression of belief and value for followers.

Little, Brown,London, England. In this paper, we review the new leadership theories and styles that are new emerging and are according to the need of the organizations.

A conceptual model of servant leadership suggests that there are six main characteristics of servant leaders—empowering and developing people, humility, authenticity, interpersonal acceptance, providing direction, and stewardship Van Dierendonck, Receive assured help from our talented and expert writers!

Leadership theories and models

Having a servant leader as a Leader, workers will enjoy working at the company; this creates a good work environment. Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology 72 4 , — The influence of authentic leadership behaviors on trust and work outcomes of health care staff. Voegtlin, C. Ilies, R. This literature will conclude with recommendation to enhance student leadership. Dumdum, Uldarico R. Everyone can relate to a specific or multiple leadership traits. Predicting unit performance by assessing transformational and transactional leadership. Journal of Management,34,

Goldman, B. Implicit leadership theories: Content, structure, and generalizability. San Francisco: Barrett-Koehler. The new managerial grid.

rational theory of leadership

It also gives insight to biblical integration of the concepts and the strategies for implementing the concepts within the organization. Sivro suggested that the role of servant leadership in high-performance organizations showed differential influence on intermediate outcomes such as openness and action orientation, long-term orientation, and workforce quality, depending on whether the leader was in a formal or direct role.

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Leadership Theories Essay