Ecotourism in india essay

Through the 70s and 80s, it was thought of as a negative impact on local cultures, values and traditions and often seen as impacting the environment including the wildlife, be it within national parks or outside.

TFCI and the other financing institutions which provide institutional mechanisms for access to capital do not have a positive approach to lending for hotels.

ecotourism notes

Strictly follow the guidelines for personal safety and security and always take your own precautions and safety measures. They also support local communities in several initiatives. The architectural program for ecotourism centres should include controlled access points, roads, self-guided nature trails, transportation options, interpretation centres, signs, observation towers and adequate but unpretentious lodging and dining facilities, docks, garbage disposal facilities and other utilities as needed.

Ensure adequate opportunities for visitors to commune with nature and native cultures. Dialogue with the state governments to liberalise and rationalise taxation and deal with other issues is an ongoing process.

There is need to address problems of insufficient flights to major tourist destinations particularly during the tourist season, the high cost of internal air travel and inconvenient flight schedules.

Although many of these projections seem optimistic given the downturn in the economy in andthe situation is expected to normalise soon with the upturn in the economy.

However, on the ground, nothing has been initiated. Ensure safety and security of visitors and inform them of precautions to be taken.

Objectives of ecotourism

Integrated planning should be adopted to avoid inter-sectoral and cross-sectoral conflict. Employ locally and give money back to the community. Nearly Recognise and award quality by accreditation of ecotourism operators. This was based on the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria GSTC and our mission was to adapt it to India, keeping in mind, the diverse geographical regions as well as differing cultural sensitivities. Otherwise, the Gaurs would have been wiped out in the event of any epidemic. A management plan for each ecotourism area should be prepared by professional landscape architects and urban planners, in consultation with the local community as well as others directly concerned. If the target of 5 million tourists is to be achieved, the additional capacity required is estimated to be 5 million seats.

The total air-seat capacity available in the domestic sector today is over 17 million. International visitors spending service exports would grow by

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Eco Tourism in India Essay Example