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However, the successful economic model that lifted hundreds of millions out of poverty and fostered its economic and social development has also brought many challenges.

factors that led to chinas economic growth

As low-cost Chinese manufacturing industries are shifting towards highly competitive manufacturing environment employees are influenced by such a rapid change. Usually MNCs provide training for labour and management which makes them become available to the economy in general.

Globalisation refers to the process of increased integration between different countries and economies and the increased impact of international influences on all aspects of life and economic activity.

In contrast, in the central and the western regions it was only It may cause the scarcity of domestic investment demand.

Development in china

Yet, privatization was not selected: the residents would pour their money into a collective pot and share in the take from whatever new profit they gained. It occurs when random variable have different variances therefore causing OLS to underestimate the variances and standard errors of the coefficients. However, the positive relationship is not significant during the reform period. Therefore, increasing input, such as increasing employment opportunities, the education level of workers, and the stocks of physical capitals, is not sustainable in the long run. Major gains in industrial structure were registered by private firms. Early studies in this area support the argument that stock market returns are influenced by economic announcements Hardouvelis, It increased the employment rate in China. FDI has modified China's industrial structure. FDI firms can be expected to continue to strengthen China's comparative advantages by increasing its specialisation in the exports of labour intensive products and technology intensive products. Unprecedented growth occurred in China, with its economy increase by 9. Empirical Analysis Previous study and research on FDI and growth have used data from a wide range of sources. It wasn 't until Deng Xiaoping, a capitalist who introduced new principles into the economy, that these drastic changes occurred. Similarly there was evidence of heteroskedasticity given by the White test as shown in Table 3 however, Figure 6 shows that the errors are normally distributed. Areas of rapid growth are becoming fewer and further between hence the expansion into East Africa and household debt to GDP has more than doubled in ten years. However, when other variables are taken into account, the effect of FDI on economic growth in China is diminished meaning that other factors influence economic growth more than FDI.

Some of the people have negative views about the future growth of China, whereas, others fear that China will turn out be a very strong nation in economic terms. Its citizens are becoming more educated, diligent, aspiring and comprise nearly a quarter of the world's population.

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China is considered as the new major power of the XXI century. FDI flows fell steadily in the first half of due to global slowdown. Its citizens are becoming more educated, diligent, aspiring and comprise nearly a quarter of the world's population. This section uses the annual data for China collected from the year to and the Ordinary Least Square OLS regression is performed. Various economists and researchers have investigated this relationship using different data estimation like cross section data and time series data. In China, previous studies on FDI and spillovers have confirmed existence of a positive relationship. For many economists, China is an example for superior economic growth despite state-controlled industries and only limited opening of the market. Major gains in industrial structure were registered by private firms. Consequently, they hold back the economy, cornering parts of the economy the private sector could take further, as well as capturing the skilled workers in secure, well payed government jobs when their talents would be better exercised in a more competitive environment. The last two decades have seen great economic achievements in China. The stop-at-2 policy was a major contributor for the people as it anyone who had two or less children were provided with better economic rebates and incentives than others. A neoclassical growth model is adopted and tested. The Ford dealer quoted Mary two options— financing or leasing.

They are increasing input and increasing output per unit of input.

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Chinas rapid economic growth