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The world of rock music is both romanticized and criticized. With Sean, though, he is the most himself since Sean will not tolerate anything less.

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If the brand-new films do nothing to inspire writing about them, and you begin searching for your sources of inspiration elsewhere, we advise you to consider several films that will definitely change your mind. The Fault in Our Stars is one of the great adaptations.

The basis of his treatment is to get Will exposed while still feeling safe, and he finally has a breakthrough in his second to last session which is cathartic and tragic at the same time.

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These men don't know how to help themselves let alone each other so to watch them have to struggle through group therapy sessions with their individual mental ailments is a wonderful mess to observe. It is also about the internal versus the external.

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Many revelations come into play throughout the course of the story, and each one gives meaning to the motivations and philosophies that are introduced to Astrid.

If Will dances around a question, Sean kicks him out.

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