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For STEM fields so called "bibliometric fields" , the qualifications requires a two-steps evaluation: 1 first a quantitative assessment, as each candidate for and ASN as associate or full professor must have at least 2 out of these 3 requirements: having published more papers than most associate or full professors in Italian universities, having received more citations than most associate or full professors in Italian universities, having an h-index higher than most associate or full professors in Italian universities; 2 then, a specific committee one for each scientific sub-field will qualitatively evaluate the scientific CV of the candidates, considering funding, mobility, autonomy of the research, awards won, and so on. Potential committee members have the right to refuse to sign the agreement; however this will result in the requirement to resign from the committee. Only in exceptional circumstances may the remote participant be the supervisor. Habilitations for associate and full professorships in Universities Regarding university habilitations, the so-called "Gelmini Reform" of the research and university teaching system Italian Law of year and subsequent modifications has established the national scientific habilitation for the calls in the role of associate professor and ordinary professor called "abilitazione scientifica nazionale", or ASN. This presentation should be limited to no more than thirty minutes with the focus being on the main contributions and conclusions of the work. If there has not been a material impact, and the connection has been reestablished, then the examiner may cast their vote as if the loss of communication had not occurred. The Department may communicate with the external only for the purposes of other arrangements not related to the defence e. The level of scholarship of a habilitation is considerably higher than for a doctoral dissertation in the same academic tradition in terms of quality and quantity, and must be accomplished independently, without direction or guidance of a faculty supervisor. If written comments are not submitted in advance, criticisms can be discussed at the defence but should not be discussed with other members of the Examining Committee prior to the defence. The PhD thesis examination requires that the candidate demonstrates their mastery and expertise and engages meaningfully in scholarly discourse in their chosen area. If a committee member is unable to attend in person, that member may participate remotely. Consulting the Thesis Registry lets candidates check whether a thesis on a particular subject is already in progress.

Candidates are not normally present at this second meeting of the Committee. A further problem comes with funding support for those who wish to pursue a habilitation where older candidates often feel discriminated against, for example under the DFG 's Emmy-Noether programme.

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In this case, the revised thesis must be re-submitted to the Faculty Graduate Office for re-examination. While cumulative habilitations are predominant in some fields such as medicinethey have been, since about a century ago, almost unheard of in others such as law.

Doctor of Divinity found in the UK, Ireland, and some Commonwealth countries, which are awarded on the basis of a career of published work. If a committee member is unable to attend in person, that member may participate remotely.

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In these cases: The graduate student and supervisor s must begin the process to restrict disclosure of the thesis results as early as possible to ensure timely completion of the thesis examination.

If approved, the candidate then needs to defend his thesis in a 2-day public defense. Language of the thesis In principle, the thesis must be written in French.

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Back to top Display period When a candidate is ready to proceed to defence, they must deposit the thesis to the Faculty Graduate Office.

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