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The works he built: the temples of Mars, of Jupiter Subduer and Thunderer, of Apollo, of divine Julius, of Minerva, of Queen Juno, of Jupiter Liberator, of the Lares, of the gods of the Penates, of Youth, and of the Great Mother, the Lupercal, the state box at the circus, the senate-house with the Chalcidicum, the forum of Augustus, the Julian basilica, the theater of Marcellus, the Octavian portico, and the grove of the Caesars across the Tiber.

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At almost the same time, by my command and under my auspices two armies have been led into Ethiopia and into Arabia, which is called Felix ["The Happy"] and very many of the enemy of both peoples have fallen in battle, and many towns have been captured.

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After initially reading less than the first quarter of the article, I found it difficult to finish reading with ease. Then again, with consular imperium I conducted a lustrum alone when Gaius Censorinus and Gaius Asinius were consuls 8 BC , in which lustrum were counted 4,, heads of Roman citizens. Unless otherwise indicated the specific electronic form of the document is copyright. And nope, we don't source our examples from our editing service! From that year when Gnaeus and Publius Lentulus were consuls 18 Bc , when the taxes fell short, I gave out contributions of grain and money from my granary and patrimony, sometimes to , men, sometimes to many more. I rebuilt aqueducts in many places that had decayed with age, and I doubled the capacity of the Marcian aqueduct by sending a new spring into its channel. I was first of the senate up to that day on which I wrote this, for forty years. It summarizes the entire text, and lists various buildings he renovated or constructed; it states that Augustus spent million silver denarii i. And those who then fought under my standard were more than senators, among whom 83 were made consuls either before or after, up to the day this was written, and about were made priests.

Consul for the sixth time 28 B. He rejected absolute power, but had an ulterior motive.

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Silver statues of me-on foot, on horseback, and standing in a chariot-were erected in about eighty cities, which I myself removed, and from the money I placed goldn offerings in the temple of Apollo under my name and of those who paid the honor of the statues to me. I compelled the Parthians to return to me the spoils and standards of three Roman armies, and as suppliants to seek the friendship of the Roman people. Although the IHSP seeks to follow all applicable copyright law, Fordham University is not the institutional owner, and is not liable as the result of any legal action. He was a very generous ruler. When the same basilica was burned with fire I expanded its grounds and I began it under an inscription of the name of my sons, and, if I should not complete it alive, I ordered it to be completed by my heirs. About 3, men, besides the rowers, fought in these fleets. II: Rome and the West, pp. They penetrated into Ethiopia all the way to the town Nabata, which is near to Meroe; and into Arabia all the way to the border of the Sabaei, advancing to the town Mariba. By new legislation I have restored many customs of our ancestors which had begun to fall into disuse, and I have myself also set many examples worthy of imitation by those to follow me. When the annual and perpetual consulate was then again offered to me, I did not accept it. These paragraphs are conventionally grouped in four sections, [3] political career, public benefactions, military accomplishments and a political statement. In Discourses III. Again in my tenth consulship [24 B. As has Augustus. I was unwilling to be high priest in the place of my living colleague; when the people offered me that priesthood which my father had, I refused it.

After initially reading less than the first quarter of the article, I found it difficult to finish reading with ease. These largesses of mine never reached fewer thanpersons.

In that war I captured about 30, slaves who had escaped from their masters and taken up arms against the republic, and I handed them over to their masters for punishment.

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He emerged as emperor by defeating people who were once allies, he forced Marc Antony to be exiled to Gaul successfully defeating him as a rival, and he also had many supporters and was extremely popular

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