Cultural diversity in the healthcare field

Baby naming may be delayed for a week among Hindu Indians. Online learning is a key for bringing diversity to the healthcare profession.

Cultural competence in healthcare

And although the number of white, non-Hispanic nurses hovers around 70 percent, younger graduates of nursing schools are getting plenty of training in learning how to work with patients from a variety of backgrounds. Offer options when possible. Almost two-thirds of practicing physicians and surgeons are male. This period of fasting, self-sacrifice, and introspection is based on the Islamic calendar, and thus occurs at a different time each year. Filipinos may be particularly concerned about addiction to pain medication. It may be difficult to obtain an accurate health history from older individuals, as patients were rarely told the name of illnesses, medicines given, or procedures performed. Males are often accorded more respect than females, and wives may defer to husbands in decision making. However, no one single group will make up a majority. Pain Patients will generally tend to be stoic, although most will want pain medication. This congenital birthmark, not uncommon in Asian births, usually fades as the infant grows into childhood. Even among the more acculturated, the entire family including extended family may participate in decision-making. Some may want to save the umbilical cord, because it may be seen as having spiritual value. Germs are thought to be the cause of disease; treatment aimed at destroying germs. Get news and tips from the Ameritech Blog direct to your inbox. Explanations may be important.

Some patients may have concerns about blood being drawn. Medical professionals need to provide custom care that acknowledges and recognizes these differences. Communication Effective communication with Middle Eastern patients is often assumed to be two-way.

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Explain the need for preventive medication such as for hypertension and to finish antibiotics even after symptoms have disappeared. Representation puts patients at ease When a nurse recognizes cultural sensitivities, they can be proactive about helping patients with personal and cultural practices.

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In his country, women were usually vocal when in pain. Pediatrics A great deal of pressure is often put on children to succeed in school. About 20 percent are Asian. Be sure to instruct on the use of western medication if that is the case. Independence is valued; self-care will generally be accepted. Don't Miss a Post! In fact, the husband may answer questions addressed to his wife. End of Life The incidence and death rates for some types of cancer, including prostate and cervical, are particularly high among African Americans. Doing so may lessen their trust in you. End of Life Patient will generally want to know their diagnosis and prognosis. Many Mexican foods are high in fat and salt. Physicians and surgeons in the US are predominantly Christian , white males who come from high socioeconomic backgrounds. A chubby baby is seen as a healthy baby, so additional teaching regarding diet and diabetes may be warranted. The non-Hispanic white population will remain the largest single group.

Lisa DoggettFamily Physician. Many Mexican foods are high in fat and salt.

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Traditionally, only females attended birth, but this now varies. Sigal , Russians in J. He ignored their requests that the surgery be done sooner, thinking it unnecessary. However, that distribution may even out over time. Make direct eye contact, be firm, and be respectful. Why diversity in health care is needed A lack of diversity in medicine proves troubling for patients seeking physicians who are knowledgeable about their specific needs. Long pauses generally indicate that careful consideration is being given to a question. Note that the family spokesperson may not be the decision-maker, but merely the one who speaks English. Pain This group is generally stoic. Others will be stoic. This happened many years ago, before hospital stays became more limited. Thus, nutritional counseling may be necessary for diabetics and individuals with high blood pressure. Some may want to save the umbilical cord, because it may be seen as having spiritual value.

This can be challenging when trying to provide counseling against smoking. Note: Information for this profile is based on the work of Peter Anderson, R.

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Is a Lack of Cultural Diversity in Healthcare Harming Our Patients?