Colonization regression analysis and state history

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It also explains why an analysis of the population structure of the Pima and two South American populations based on genome-wide SNP data, using the admixture model of STRUCTURE [24]inferred that the South American populations had a single source of ancestry but the Pima had received approximately half of their ancestry from a second, additional source [25].

For some people, it is this building of colonies across oceans that differentiates colonialism from other types of expansionism.

Our initial ordering U 0 was based on the number of points received by each population, with the highest scoring population considered the first population formed. Second, a time-calibrated phylogenetic tree of African agamid species shows that diversification in the subfamily Agaminae has mainly occurred over the last 10—20 myr Further the great majority of the ancestry of non-Africans goes via a single African population, the Mozabites.

Arid corridors have been documented for many plant and animal groups in Africa 242526but their importance for arid-adapted species might be strongly influenced by the presence and extent of the Sahara desert 18 and the distribution and expansion of rainforest habitats through time 1415 Editing help is available.


Precipitation seasonality showed a hump-shaped relationship with species richness Fig. Consequently, species richness of lizards and other ectotherms generally correlates more strongly with temperature than those of endotherms such as birds and mammals 2 In contrast, most parts of the Sahara as well as the Congolian rainforest were not inhabited by agamid lizards, and areas in the north of Africa as well as in the far South tended to have low species richness Fig.

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We accepted 4 such changes, improving the log-likelihood by a further The extremities of Europe. Otherwise the simulations were the same as those based on Figure 2 -a and Figure 2 -c described above five for each under each recent admixture scenario , without recombination hotspots. The Pima have two additional donor populations, the Oroquen and Mongolians, both of whom reside in Mongolia and neither of which are donors to Colombians. For our simulated data, we used the results of a single MCMC run with 5, iterations, including 1, Burn-in iterations. Pacific Islands. This section is in list format, but may read better as prose. Anomaly in annual mean temperature between the late Miocene c. Generally, the multi-variate analyses confirmed the hypothesis that historical dispersal limitation at a continental scale has left a strong imprint on present-day species richness of agamid lizards. Other included climatic predictor variables also showed relationships with species richness, but the statistical significance of these effects was not consistent between OLS and SAR models Table 2. Apart from the British Empire, they were not favoured destinations for the immigration of surplus populations.
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Inferring Human Colonization History Using a Copying Model