Characteristics of school environment essay

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To sum it up, teachers in my school hold themselves to the best moral standards. Mahwah, NJ: Erlbaum.

Characteristics of school environment essay

Educational Administration Quarterly, 36 5 , My school embodies the above mentioned qualities and more to the smallest of details. School characteristics related to high school dropout rates. I think the primary reason is that we come at this question from the perspective of standardization and accountability. Last year my school began giving a voice to our students on how they felt on all of these 6 issues. The characteristics of higher achieving schools were shared amongst all Lakeforest. He creates an alternate world in his mind, where as he describes a town full of all his past students. In the effective school there should be a clearly articulated school mission through whom the staff shares an understanding of and commitment to the instructional goals, priorities, assessment procedures and accountability. C, skating, school band, dancing, singing, etc.

Safe, supportive, and effective schools. The entire students used to accumulate in the play area during the morning time for the prayer and then go back to their particular schoolrooms.

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Journal of School Violence, 8 4 , The statistics are not pretty by any means Indicators of poor school environment include low levels of teacher satisfaction, high rates of teacher turnover, low academic expectations, and a messy or unsafe physical plant. My school was quite grand and big. Huge windows in the class allow sufficient sunlight into the rooms. If the school environment is positive and students feel safe and supported, they are more likely to do well and achieve their full potential. Fuligni, A. The Chicago public schools rank as one of the bottom five schools in the entire nation There were different teachers for the diverse subjects in my school such as Math, P.

The Atmosphere: My classmates and subject teachers have been very supportive. The relationship between staff should be built on trust, moral, intimacy and friendly social relations.

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K, Marathi, geography, history, drawing and crafts, science, and many more. Peer support for achievement-oriented behaviors, such as studying or participating in class, is also strongly tied to positive school climate and academic achievement.

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I will speak to each student respectfully and model the same using language that is empathetic and positively framed. With a short news time, prayer song and any specific instructions for the day, we depart to our respective classes. Surroundings of My school: The site of my school was very quiet as well as pollution free. They are still in fulltime secondary or post-secondary education. The most important responsibility of a teacher in my ideal school will be to ensure high academic achievement for all students. Furlong Eds. Not only is the school excellent in education, but also excellence in sports is achieved. Inspirational motivation occurs when leaders motivate and inspire followers by providing meaning and challenge to their work; for example, giving inspirational talks, communicating vision and acting in ways that encourage enthusiasm Awamleh and Gardiner, Journal of Educational Psychology, 95 2 , In evolution, species perfect their kind because they are able to adapt to new situations, stresses, and forces.
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