Broadcasting business plan template

The FCC, rather than create protectionist measures that limit new types of media from competing against major broadcasting companies, has instead welcomed this competition. We recommend using LivePlan as the easiest way to create automatic financials for your own business plan.

Provision of professional quality equipment. The Television Station industry is in the mature phase of its life cycle and luckily for the industry, the advent of digital media has provided an opportunity for the industry to experience vibrant growth. As the popularity of EvergreenTV Productions grows, so will the number of programming services offering similar services.

Revenue generated by tape sales will be used to support travel and expenses to meet goal three. The market of small market stations cannot bear the higher prices offered by larger programming services.

startup business plan template

Strategic Alliances Home Division: Strategic alliances with photographers, photo processing centers and travel agents will be key to generating sales in the first few quarters.

By making the productions both time-efficient and consistent in high quality, we can maximize our pricing to acceptable market levels. The greater the size of inventory, the greater the variety we have to offer stations.

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A Sample TV Station Business Plan Template