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It also seems very ironic that the young child is acting like an adult in this particular situation Hunter The move from the sixth to the seventh stanza is when the explosion occurs Hunter It also seems weird that her mother is so sure that going to church, instead of going to the march, will be the best thing for her. The mothers tone in the last two lines of the poem gives the reader a feeling of grief and guilt. This saying expresses the worries and fear that the mother has for her little girl. The other figure of speech that Randall uses is repetition. He also clarifies the way in which racism turns all of our realities inside out and upside down, so that a child could be more courageous than an adult in the struggle against this oppression, and a church could be more dangerous than a street filled with vicious dogs, violent policemen, and high-pressure fire hoses. D in English and an M. Although specifically forbidden to do so by a court injunction, King—and other civil rights leaders—led another march downtown on April 12, Good Friday , and was subsequently arrested. The events that took place in Birmingham quickly made the city a national symbol of the struggle and difficulty incurred by opponents of segregation. Something else that strikes me funny is that her mother dresses her in her daughter in her best clothes to go to church with her. Birmingham, Alabama, played a key role in the civil rights movement in America.

The events that took place in Birmingham quickly made the city a national symbol of the struggle and difficulty incurred by opponents of segregation. Martin Luther King, Jr. Riots ensued, and Kennedy sent federal troops to nearby Fort Mc-Clellan to ward off further disturbances to the fragile peace already established.

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King, Woodie, Jr. This gives the reader a sense of what is about to happen Hunter But, you know as well as I, that with peace marches and rallies comes violence and hostility.

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What is ironic here is that she ended up wearing them to her funeral instead Hunter Randall brought into proximity two sets of events separated by a space of six months into one Sunday morning to make a key point: that though the church is usually the place of community, safety, salvation, and God—and the civil rights march often a locale of danger, death, and white attackers—the African-American church had become an even more dangerous place than the freedom march.

Ballads are always stories, often with tragic endings, and they frequently rely on dialogue to tell their tales. More than two thousand demonstrators had been sent to jail by May 6, and, concerned by the image of America such media coverage was sending to the rest of the world, President Kennedy sent a federal aide to work with King and local business leaders on negotiations.

These things were used on protesters and marchers to control the crowds when they grew too large and had gotten out of hand.

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Lines In the next four lines, Randall introduces the second speaker in the poem: the mother. Stepping aside because of threats from the federalized National Guard , the university became integrated for the first time in its history. By using the ballad form, Randall signals that he wants to reach as wide an audience as possible. They were originally sung, so we can expect that the poem will be strong, musically. The struggle for human civil rights continues, and in , the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute opened—its mission to educate visitors about the civil rights struggle of the s and s and to further their understanding of how people all over the world continue to struggle for equality. Events and actions like this created the civil rights movement and gave it the momentum, purpose, and shape to address one of the most enduring systems of social injustice ever to be seen in this country. On one hand, white is the traditional color of purity and innocence, surely everything we would associate with the kind of sweet child described in this poem. Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography. By arguing that others will be marching with her as she does in lines 9 and 10, the child expresses a central tenet of any struggle for social and political equality—namely, united we stand, but divided we fall. By voicing her desire to march instead of play, the daughter appears as a martyr figure in the very first stanza of the poem. Lines In this stanza, the mother still refuses to let her child go, telling her that she is afraid of the violence that may occur. This saying expresses the worries and fear that the mother has for her little girl. Let us back up about five months from September 15, , to April Randall, Dudley, ed. In the first stanza irony is used in order to make reading the poem more interesting.

The young child tries to act nice and innocent to her mother, in the case that her mother might let her go to the march Hunter

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