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Samples of gastric fluid were procured by inducing himself to vomit on an empty stomach. About a decade after his death, Spallanzani was portrayed as a genius-wizard in one of E.

Spallanzani considered him a plagiarist and knew that he had signed the libelous letter sent to Bonnet, Senebier, and other well-known scientists.

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Other possible reasons for a change of direction included the risk, largely unrecognized or ignored, of antagonizing his Pavian colleagues and even foreign specialists by overconfident pronouncements or trespassings. Beddoes as Tracts on Animals and Vegetables, 2 vols.

He went to within five feet of the lava pouring from the rent mountainside and accurately measured its flow rate. He secured information from a friendly seraglio physician that developed into one of his most popular lectures; collected eudiometer samples at dances to determine the effect of overcrowding on atmospheric vitiation; negotiated for crocodiles and skins of lions and tigers with the British and French ambassadors: and was received in audience and regaled with a sixtycourse repast by the sultan.

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The work was interrupted by his departure from Reggio Emilia. These animalcules, and like wise those in spermatic fluid, eventually languished, died, and disintegrated. Here, he compared the role of pollen to the effect of seminal fluid upon dormant embryos in amphibian ova. In Spallanzani journeyed to the Two Sicilies, mainly in order to correct deficiencies in the volcanic collections of the museum. In the second part of the experiment, the flask was boiled and then the neck was broken off. Since body heat gave optimal reactions, Spallanzani sometimes kept the glass tubes containing such mixtures in his axillae. Yet greater qualities were by no means lacking. His hypothesis was supported when maggots developed in the uncovered jars, but no maggots appeared in either the gauze-covered or the tightly sealed jars. He did not pursue this particular path but later attempted to cross batrachian species and even such diverse animals as cats and dogs, A second booklet. Even after lung removal, snails absorbed oxygen and gave up carbon dioxide. Capparoni, Spallanzani Turin, One of the oldest explanations was the theory of spontaneous generation, which can be traced back to the ancient Greeks and was widely accepted through the Middle Ages.

Any subsequent sealing of the flasks then prevented new life force from entering and causing spontaneous generation Figure 2.

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Origin of Life: Spontaneous Generation