An argument against the euthanasia a doctor aided death

We want to make it clear that we believe euthanasia is inherently wrong and, therefore, should never be undertaken, but, it is important to consider what such a proposal could involve if it were put into practice.

Take the example of Belgium: 10 years after the legalization of euthanasia, the law which was said to have strong safeguards was amended to allow euthanasia for children with incurable diseases, regardless of their age.

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Palliative care and euthanasia Good palliative care is the alternative to euthanasia. This argument says that euthanasia is bad because of the sanctity of human life.

A healing space that can support patients would be unnecessarily deflated. It has also clearly stated that a person attempts suicide in a depression, and hence he needs help, rather than punishment.

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It would be difficult, and possibly impossible, to stop people using persuasion or coercion to get people to request euthanasia when they don't really want it. It is reasonable that the medical profession not deny its contributions to the situation; but, it would be perverse if it allows itself to be co-opted by a perceived need for atonement.

There are several documented cases of abuse in countries where euthanasia is legal and in countries or U.

Religious arguments against euthanasia

Questel was aware of undesirable ramifications if they were practiced by physicians. Euthanasia could become an economical method of "treating" the terminally ill. Alternative treatments are available, such as palliative care and hospices. Aside from ethical, moral and religious beliefs, one of the most salient and compelling has to do with one's conception of the medical mandate, especially as it relates to healing. Fear and anxiety would be promoted rather than Individual autonomy. The patient does not really want to die, he wants to see his symptoms and fears treated and relieved. Thus, in the context of a society open to euthanasia, the patient having difficulty living with a demanding illness would bear an additional burden. Ending a patient's life by injection is quicker and easier and cheaper. For the sake of exploration of the issue, let us assume momentarily that euthanasia is medical treatment.

Those who oppose this argument say that properly drafted legislation can draw a firm barrier across the slippery slope. One is: "Intentionally helping a person commit suicide by providing drugs for self-administration, at that person's voluntary and competent request.

It is not uncommon to see Belgian nurses take a day off when they know that euthanasia is planned. Thus, it is argued, in order to prevent these undesirable practices from occurring, we need to resist taking the first step.

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Arguments against euthanasia