An analysis of the requirements in becoming a commercial airline pilot and flight attendant

Pilot ranks are thinning due to a federally mandated retirement age for airline pilots of Helping passengers and remaining calm when handling a crisis necessitates medical knowledge and physical strength. Second, no part of human factors can be considered in isolation.

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Students can continue their benefits with Delta as long as they pay a share of the costs. Delta estimates they can get a job with the airline within 42 months after flying for the airline's private jet arm, instructing other students, flying for Delta's regional partners or flying military aircraft.

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After the crash of a Colgan Air plane due to pilot error, the Federal Aviation Administration five years ago raised the minimum number of hours of flight experience to become a passenger airline pilot to 1, from Other frequently mentioned broad categories were health, 61 percent; job performance satisfaction, 36 percent; and airline and airline policy, 33 percent.

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The Restless Flight Attendant