An analysis and an explanation of the causes of teen suicide

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Which Teens Are at Risk for Suicide? In the context of addressing new challenges, building their own identity and establishing self-confidence, most young people attach great importance to being part of peer groups, developing new intimate relationships, establishing confidence and security.

Tell your teen to resist this urge; this is a time when a person absolutely needs to feel connected to others. Hawton K, Van Heeringen K.

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J Clin Psychiatry — Key risk factors found were: mental disorders, previous suicide attempts, specific personality characteristics, genetic loading and family processes in combination with triggering psychosocial stressors, exposure to inspiring models and availability of means of committing suicide.

Familial, psychiatric, and socioeconomic risk factors for suicide in young people: nested case-control study. Key points about teen suicide Suicide is when a teen causes his or her own death on purpose.

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In recent decades, several population-based psychological autopsy studies of suicides have been conducted, involving interviews with key informants and examination of records, as well as follow-up studies of people who have attempted suicide, revealing important information about the risk factors for youth suicide Specific examples of such questions include: Are you feeling sad or depressed? Parents, siblings, classmates, coaches, and neighbors might be left wondering if they could have done something to prevent that young person from turning to suicide. This gives the child a supervised and safe environment. Therefore, any teen who mentions committing suicide should be taken seriously. Finally, associations have also been found between suicide and anxiety disorders, but it is difficult to assess the influence of mood and substance abuse disorders that are also often present in these cases. Suicide in teens is one of the most traumatic and problematic issues that we face today in not only adults but many adolescents as well. These people make the choice that they want to die and they take their own life. This inability in problem solving and mood regulation often causes insecurity, low self-efficacy and self-esteem, but it can also lead to anger and aggressive behavior, emotional crisis and suicidal crisis, especially in combination with perfectionist personalities 16 , Some bereaved family members become part of the suicide prevention network that helps parents, teenagers, and schools learn how to help prevent future tragedies.

Previous and current research and statistics have shown that the rate of youth suicide, both in Australia and internationally, has increased a significant amount since and unfortunately only continues to rise National Institute of Mental Health, In fact, it can feel very overwhelming.

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Teen Suicide Risk Factors